13 05 2010

heyhey… this is me.. huhuuu.. JUNG MINJI AGAIN ><
miss you guys!! kekekkke~~
ini buat kalian yg mau lihat MVnya..


review point of view : author

Daebak! walaopun ga selengkap lengkapnya karena yang ikut berpartisipasi cuma 10 member aja. tapi ttp daebak!

waktu dance partnya, kelihatan banget adanya perubahan formasi dance mereka. hihi, percaya ga percaya.. kayanya Kyuhyun dipercaya untuk menjadi main dancer mereka. OSM!!

totally gawjess!! ^^


Kim Hee Chul to join Family Outing Season 2 as the eighth member

1 05 2010

Super junior member Kim Hee Chul telah memutuskan untuk bergabung dengan SBS Outing Keluarga Season 2. Pada tanggal 29 April seorang staf SBS menyatakan, “Kami telah memilih Kim Hee Chul sebagai anggota permanen delapan tim Outing Keluarga” staf itu menambahkan,. “Kim Hee Chul telah menunjukkan berbagai rasa selama syuting ketika ia diundang dalam masa lalu sebagai teman SNSD’s Yoon A. ”

Kim Hee Chul akan membentuk persaingan dengan anggota lainnya, saat ia membual dirinya sebagai yang sulung dari “idola” anggota, yang meliputi Yoon A, Taec Yeon, dan Jo Kwon. Dia juga akan mengambil peran aktif sebagai mentor Yoon Sang Hyun untuk mengajar dia bagaimana untuk bertahan hidup di berbagai acara. Kim Hee Chul diharapkan untuk menciptakan suasana baru untuk pertunjukan.

Episode dari Season Outing Keluarga 2 di mana Kim Hee Chul muncul sebagai tamu akan disiarkan pada tanggal 2 Mei jam 5: 20 pm.

source: Facebook

Twitter Artis-Artis Korea

1 05 2010

Annyeong Chingu..Author Val is here..ini daftar Twitter artis2 korea yg aku dpt d facebook..hehe..Follow all..

Kim Jung Min :

황찬성 :

Sung Ho Kim :

Joon-gi,Lee :

김효연/Kim HyoYeon :

Hyojin Kim :

cho ah ra :

Kim Ji-Sook :

sunhwa ok :

Kimbumsoo :

Simon Dominic :

vaness wu :

Yoonha Hwang, 황윤하 :

마술사노병욱_wooki :

Bada Kim :

parkgeonil :

구혜선 :

Park Kyeong Rim :

신동현 :

최현우 charming choi :

Credit : Facebook

Happy 1000th Day to SNSD!

1 05 2010

Yesterday marked the 999th day since SNSD’s debut and just today,
the girls have left messages to the fans marking their 1000th day together with S♥NEs!
I loved it so much that I had to post it as well. Thanks to!

It’s already been 1000 days since SNSD and S♥NEs have been together! Wow~~ congrats^^
It hasn’t been a short time, I’m so happy and touched to spend these times with S♥NEs.
These times were very touching.
I also think that after 1000 days of debuting, it’s like a new start^^
Thinking of the times we will be spending together…we will be working together and making decisions together~
Since there’s still a lot of time left, let’s keep having strength♥
My loving S♥NEs!! And my girls!!
We are the world’s truth~!!! Hwaitaeng! Keke

Wow~^^ Thanks to our S♥NEs, SNSD is already at 1000 days of debut!
Thank you so much for always being by our side and being our reliable happy virus ♡
You know that you’re always in our hearts, right?
I hope we can continue to be like that in the future~
I’m not sure what to say…I’m not good at expressing myself…
Hehe whatever…! I love you^^

To my people who have been with us for 1000 days…
My heart is so thankful to the point where I can’t express myself in words.
I thank you so much and I love you so much♥
We have so much time ahead of us…
We won’t be lazy and we’ll repay everything you’ve done for us.
Let’s continue to love each other more passionately…and more deeply!!
SNSD and S♥NE are one♥

“I will never step down easily from the spot I worked hard to get up to!”
1000 days…until forever…and…until “we” are at our last…
I will pray that we will be able to reach the top that is so hard to achieve.
happy thousand S♥NE~ I love you (xoxo♥)

It’s been 1000 days since SNSD and S♥NEs have met~!!
Wow~~ “1000″…it’s so fascinating~~!! Congratulations~~!! Hehehe^^
Thanks to S♥NEs, SNSD has been able to put on amazing performances~!!
When I think about the many performances we did with S♥NEs, those memories are unforgettable ones for me~~~
It was so difficult that I didn’t want to practice, and when I really just didn’t want to do anything..!!
I think of the S♥NEs with their pink balloons and cheering for us~~
Just thinking of that brings me energy and makes me work as hard as I can~!!^^!!
Hehe…S♥NEs are the best!! Kya~~!!
S♥NEs and SNSD cannot exist without each other! You guys are that precious..! ……Right~!? Hehe
S♥NEs and my 8 girls! 2000 days, 3000 days…let’s be together forever~!
I love you~~!!!!! Hehe..

To my loving S♥NEs♥
It’s already been 1000 days since we’ve made many memories together…
It’s been 3 years since our fans and our members have come running without rest…
During that time, I’ve cried tears of happiness from the happy memories we shared,
We should have been tired of all the hard times, but thank you so much for overcoming those times with us..♥ Really..^^
Forever..SNSD! ^^

Hello. This is SNSD’s tomboy princess, Sooyoung~^^! Hehe, so nice to see you!
(This is like a minihompy where there are so many chances to meet with the fans..but sadly, because there wasn’t enough time, I wasn’t able to say hello on the Internet.ㅠㅠ)
Is everyone doing good? Our S♥NEs?
Seeing all of you coming to our live performances with such energy and strength doesn’t worry me^^
It’s already been 1000 days since SNSD debuted~!!!!
(I hear Lee Seunghwan’s voice somewhere…during 1000 days~~♪)
You’ve probably heard this many times already, but the amount of love that S♥NEs give us…
I’m trying hard not to think that it’s something obvious hehe
Humans have to be familiar with the environment they live in..keke
When you continue to give us unconditional love, it feels familiar..
I won’t forget those Into The New World days
I will continue to do my best in the right place in my life..
S♥NEs!! Please continue to love me~^^ Hehe
I’m always thankful! I love you! ^3^

S♡NEs!! Have you been doing well?^^
It’s already been 1000 days since we’ve met! I think time goes by so fast~
During that time, there’s been sad times and good times, but thank you for always being with us.
Let’s continue to be together forever just like this~^^
The fanchants I hear on stage are really +_+ S♥NEs are the best! Keke
Let’s continue to be together for a long time~^^
Don’t cheat on us~? If you do, I’ll hate S♥NEs~? Kekeke

You guys have such a presence as giving 9 unknown seeds water
Before a flower called SNSD blossomed, our precious S♥NEs have been together with us for 1000 days..!!
I, Seohyun, am really happy. And thank you so much~!
We are still lacking a lot of things and we still don’t know much
But because of the unconditional love and support that S♥NEs give us
The happy times and the hard times have become very precious memories~!
SNSD and S♥NEs are each other’s strength!!
Let’s continue to make more memories together~!
We will continue to be S♥NEs’ humble and hardworking SNSD~!
Thank you..♥

Credits: soshified + Wonder Generation

Siwon Has a Twitter??

20 04 2010

Sudah agak lama berita ini tersebar, tapi banyak yang bilang kalo account Siwon itu palsu.
Nah, sekarang katanya account @Choi_SW itu asli. Bahkan si Shindong udah ngetwit dia. Siwon bahkan nge-follow hampir semua orang yang follow dia! Termasuk aku! Bahagia bangeeeeettt! Wahahaha!
Bener ato ga, yang penting follow aja duluuuu! 😀

Choi Siwon’s twitter :


U-Kiss Malaysia Fanmeeting Video Teaser!

19 04 2010

Member U-Kiss akan mengadakan fanmeeting di Malaysia! OMG! Check out the teaser :

cr : ukissism3

Yap, seperti yang dibilang Eli, mereka bakal ngadain fanmeeting tanggal 19 Juni nanti. Dan mereka juga berbicara dalam beberapa bahasa di teaser itu, sedengerku sih, ada bahasa Mandarin, Inggris, sama Korea. Tapi ada yang bilang bahasa Cantonese juga ada. Dannnnnn, mereka bilang :
“APA KABAR MALAYSIA, WE ARE U-KISS!” di awal video, dan ;
“TERIMA KASIH!” di akhir video!

Beberapa waktu lalu, ada juga teaser dari mereka yang berdurasi 18 detik. Di situ para member meneriakkan “Malaysia!”

cr: phailsaurus

Di video itu kita bisa lihat, siapa yang paling bagus pronunciation-nya. Hehe 😛 Kalo menurutku sih yang paling bagus ya si Kevin. Si Alexander malah bilang “Malaisaya” Whahaha! 😀

So, who’s excited? U-Kiss Kiss Me please!



19 04 2010

생일 축하합니다, 생일 축하합니다.

생일 축하합니다 우리 ZHOUMI.

생일 축하합니다!

“…Today is,

The day when a true genteman was born.

Our Zhoumi is 24 now.

And he will be our family,


we love our gentleman mimi, and we Promi15e to 13elieve till the end of time.


.forever sapphire blue ELF.